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PhD student accused of murdering close friend's newborn baby, abusing tot's twin is daughter of prominent NYC cardiologist

The friend said she did not know Virzi to be violent but said she said she "had some interpersonal issues. I would say she was a little rigid. She was...

Biden admin bans sales of antivirus software over ties to Russia

The company's close ties to the Russian government were found to pose a critical risk andthat the software's privileged access to a computer's systems could allow it to steal sensitive...

Red state sues tech giant IBM over diversity 'quotas'

The state of Missouri has filed a lawsuit against the technology giant, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), for unlawful practices in allegedly requiring racial and gender quotas in its hiring and promotion...

Instagram recommends sexual videos to teen users as young as 13, alarming report reveals

The Wall Street Journal and a Northeastern University researcher probed Instagram's filters by creating accounts posing as fictional 13-year-olds and scrolling Reels video feed.

Ferrari's first electric car reportedly to cost whopping six-figure amount: 'Increasing demand out there'

The price tag, which doesn't include features and personal touches that typically add 15-20%, is well above the average sale price of around 350,000 euros, including extras, for a Ferrari in the...

From drugstores to Rolling Stones concerts: The surprising ways Clear is expanding beyond airports

Clear CEO Caryn Seidman Becker envisions a future in which your face can open any door.

Ex-OpenAI chief scientist who helped oust Sam Altman to start safe AI company

The company is called Safe Superintelligence and is described on its website as an American firm with offices in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv.

Russia's original space program nearly killed cosmonauts with crazy blunders and amateur tech

Yuri Gagarin was celebrated as the first man to orbit Earth. But he didn't make a complete orbit, almost died due to equipment failures, and ejected too early — landing...

Elon Musk clarifies 'go f--k yourself' comment as he tries to woo advertisers at Cannes Lions

The mogul said he lashed out last fall because there were “some cases [where] there were advertisers who were insisting on censorship." 

Cyber experts warn of new Google Chrome, Microsoft Word money-stealing malware

It poses to be fake updates in internet browsers like Chrome and mimics programs like Microsoft Word — all to coerce users into downloading a harmful series of code.

TikTok could face lawsuit by DOJ over potential child privacy violations

"The investigation uncovered reason to believe named defendants are violating or are about to violate the law and that a proceeding is in the public interest," the FTC said in...

AI chipmaker Nvidia surpasses Apple, Microsoft to become world's most valuable company

The latest uptick pushed Nvidia’s market cap to a whopping $3.33 trillion. Microsoft fell to second place with a valuation of $3.32 trillion, followed by Apple at $3.28 trillion.

Apple has 'very serious' non-compliance issues with key EU digital law: commissioner

“We have a number of Apple issues. I find them very serious. I was very surprised that we would have such suspicions of Apple being non-compliant,” the EU's Competition Commissioner...

Tesla rival Fisker files for bankruptcy after glitches doomed Ocean SUVs

Fisker flagged doubts about its ability to remain in business in February and later failed to secure an investment from a big automaker, forcing it to rein in operations.

Tesla renews legal fight to reinstate Elon Musk's $56B pay package after shareholders back deal

Tesla launched a fresh bid to secure legal reinstatement of Elon Musk’s controversial $56 billion pay package on Monday – days after the company’s shareholders voted to ratify the record-setting...

GameStop shares tank after CEO says store network will shrink despite huge cash pile

Shares of the video game retailer have gyrated wildly over the last month after Keith Gill, the stock influencer known as Roaring Kitty, reappeared and later disclosed a large position...

Neuralink employee was scratched by monkeys infected with herpes and fired after she became pregnant, suit claims

Lindsay Short, who worked at Neuralink as an animal care specialist, accused her former company of failing to provide adequate protective gear.

Feds sue Photoshop owner Adobe over subscription plans, hefty termination fees

The government said Adobe failed to adequately disclose hefty early termination fees, sometimes reaching hundreds of dollars, when customers sign up for "annual, paid monthly" subscription plans.

Date set for challenges to potential US TikTok ban in appeals court

On May 14, a group of TikTok creators filed suit to block the law that could ban the app used by 170 million Americans, saying it has had "a profound effect on...