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British Airways suspends crew members for fat-shaming 210-pound stewardess on WhatsApp

British Airways has suspended two crew members for making cruel remarks about a colleague's weight behind her back.

Got soft skills? These key workplace traits will set you apart

“Soft skills are the ‘how’ of doing your job; hard skills are your area of expertise," Marlo Lyons said.

My phone was confiscated at work -- can they do that?

your manager cannot take your phone away and give it back to you at the end of your shift

Florida treasure hunters amazed by discovery in 300-year-old shipwrecks: 'You don't expect that'

"To get this kind of quantity in a period of a couple of days, is a very exciting start," Gitschlag told the station.

Dear Abby: I stalked a DJ as a teen in the 80s, should I contact him again?

Dear Abby weighs in on a woman who stalked a radio personality during a troubled time in her life and a woman who noticed her neighbor's affair.

I'm braving the NYC heat without AC — I don't get why everyone is so panicked about normal summer temperatures

A heated debate over the merits and necessity of apartment air conditioning.

Why smart travelers are sitting out summer in Europe this year — and when they're going instead

Picture it — Sicily, this coming August. (Hope you like crowds.)

Here are the happiest cities in the world — did any from the US make the list?

New Yorkers will have to travel awfully far to get a taste of the good life.

We escaped the rat race and now live mortgage-free — here's how we did it

An Australian family with three young kids have managed to escape the country’s cost of living pressures - but their solution is a radical one.

Jason Biggs' wife reveals she didn't see 'American Pie' until after they were married: 'I was too busy'

Jason Biggs' wife hadn't seen "American Pie" when she first started dating him -- and only watched the raunchy teen comedy after they were married.

The seven chilling signs you're a narcissist — and why it all can boil down to how you text

A psychologist has revealed the seven chilling signs that you or someone you love could actually be a narcissist – and it could all come down to the way they...

Bug bites, blisters and BO: How two men walked all 750 miles of the Grand Canyon

Pete McBride was in a bad way. Swallowing hard and unable to speak, he was fading in the 112°F heat of the Grand Canyon and his walking partner Kevin Fedarko...

Mastering the 'art of seduction': Behind the scenes of a young Madonna's 'powers of persuasion'

During the eight-week shoot for “Desperately Seeking Susan,” Madonna somehow jumped from aspiring singer to global sensation thanks to the impending release of her album “Like a Virgin.”

How Rose Kennedy became the most dangerous member of the famous family

Headstrong and carefree -- but plagued by mental health challenges -- Rosemary remains the least known (if not forgotten) Kennedy.

Dear Abby: My husband and I just bought our dream home, but I don't like him anymore

Dear Abby weighs in on a wife who is overly frustrated with her husband and a mother who is controlling her adult-daughter's life.

Is he a keeper? Put your love to the test Gen Z-style, with these trendy social media challenges

Can your relationship survive these trendy TikTok trials?

An unlikely website has become a top source of travel expertise — leaving influencers out in the cold

More and more travelers are avoiding the pros back home — instead taking their questions straight to the locals in their next destination.

Eight in ten Americans 'burnt out' with dating apps: new research

The survey of 1,000 Americans who have used a dating app at least once in the past year found that 78% of those polled feel fatigued with the dating app...

More Gen Zers are becoming NEETs — what does it mean and is it a bad thing?

It's a generation about nothing.