The 19 best Father’s Day gifts for new dad’s in 2024, according to new dads

Fatherhood is no easy feat. We’re talking middle-of-the-night wakeups, diapers galore, drool dripping everywhere, overflowing garbage, empty fridges, doctors’ appointments, Amazon orders, washing bottles, tripping over toys, and of course an ample dose of sleep deprivation.

New dads understand just how much effort goes into parenting, and just how rewarding it is to watch their little ones transform from bobbly little newborns into tiny spirited humans; from taking their first steps to saying their first ‘da-da,’ and all the other precious moments in between. With Father’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the best gifts to show first-time dads just how much their hard work is appreciated. We’ve got plenty of ideas for every type of father — the sporty ones, the stylish ones, the hungry ones, and even the sleep-deprived ones.

Unfortunately, many men are notoriously difficult to shop for. Not to mention — first-time dads are probably so caught up with their non-stop fatherly duties that a Father’s Day wishlist may fall off their radar. To compile the best list of gifts for new dads, The Post Wanted team has gone straight to the sources. We’ve spoken with new fathers from the team’s families to get the low-down on their most desired items ahead of June 16.

Read on for all their recommendations, and for more gift-giving inspiration, be sure to browse our roundup of the best Father’s Day gifts.

Post Wanted Picks

Best for the caffeine-powered dad: Chemex Ottomatic Coffeemaker Set

A glass jar with a handle on a device

“One of the few things I do for myself is make a pour-over coffee every morning,” shared Ryan Jok, our Commerce Editor’s brother-in-law, who welcomed his son in December 2023. “I love the taste, but having to make it manually can be hectic while taking care of our little guy in the morning. I’ve been wanting to try the Ottomatic to save a few extra minutes that I can spend with my son before running out the door.”

Best splurge: Tumi Golf Hardside 2-Wheeled Travel Case

A bag in a case named Tumi
Neiman Marcus

Jok also has his eyes on a spacious golf case that has room for all your sporting necessities and then some. “I’m not sure when I’ll have time for golf again, but Tumi just launched an incredible collection of golf products,” said Jok. “The travel case is especially exciting – it keeps your clubs safe in a hard shell for airport travel and looks extra sleek.”

Best for the sporty dad: Rawlings Baseball Glove

A baseball glove isolated on a white background

According to Matt Levy, Live Events Reporter at the New York Post, there’s nothing better than taking your kid to the ballpark: “To make sure I’m the coolest dad there, I like to bring a mitt to the park in case a foul ball flies my way. There’s no better pop than one that casually grabs a ball from the sky and hands it to their kid. And that can easily be you.”

Best for the music dad: Concert tickets

A group of people posing for a photo
Missy Elliott

“There are so many shows coming to NYC this year and I want to go to all of them,” shared Levy. The only problem is that Levy doesn’t have time to see everything. “It’s a problem. Just a few I’m looking forward to most include Ringo Starr, Vampire Weekend, and Missy Elliott. And Deep Purple, Robert Plant, Heart, The Black Keys and ELO. Told you it was a problem.”

Best for the funny dad: Stella Season One DVD

A DVD case featuring an image of three men on a bicycle

“If you fancy yourself a comedy nerd (as most dads do), I highly recommend this 2005 Comedy Central one-season wonder starring ‘The State’ alums Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain,” shared Levy.

“Their madcap, modern Marx Brothers antics are gold; I’d go so far as to argue that this is the most underrated show of the 21st century. Best of all, once you’ve seen the show, you can casually bring it up in conversation to one-up TV snobs.”

Best for dad who needs to be styled: Mugsy Jeans

A man wearing blue jeans and a grey shirt
Mugsy Jeans

Levy explained that finding presentable work clothes as a dad can be a bit of a chore. “Around the house, you’re wearing T-shirts and basketball shorts and now they want you to wear stuffy clothes at the office? It’s a crime. Still, you could do a lot worse than the stretchy yet professional-looking and surprisingly durable Mugsy Jeans. Truth be told, they’re often more comfortable than shorts.”

His only warning: once you buy one pair, there’s a strong likelihood you’ll be asking for a pair every Father’s Day and birthday for the rest of your life.

Best for the on-the-go dad: Huckberry Performance Lined Swim Trunks

A pair of black shorts

“The Huckberry Performance Lined Swim Trunks could be the new summer staple,” stated Ryan Murphy, Commerce Partnerships Manager, who welcomed his son in September 2023. Murphy loves the fact that these ultra-soft, moisture-wicking shorts are built for a variety of movements and can be worn for different occasions. “Hybrid shorts for the gym, beach, or just for running errands. Versatility is unmatched!” he said.

Best for the whiskey-loving dad: Huckberry Mountain Decanter + Mt. Rainier Set of 2 Whiskey Glasses

A glass bottle and a glass filled with amber liquid, presumably whiskey

“A modern twist on a classic decanter,” said Murphy, who would be more than happy to receive this decanter set from Huckberry as well. The 100% lead-free glass decanter comes alongside two single-walled whiskey glasses featuring Washington’s Mt. Rainier, the highest volcanic peak in the contiguous US. “This could be a great upgrade to any bar and a conversation starter,” he pointed out.

Best for the cool dad: Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Trouser Warpstreme

A man wearing khaki pants and white shirt

Murphy also has his eyes on lululemon’s coveted ABC trousers, which feature four-way stretch, quick-drying fabric, and hidden snaps to ensure back pockets stay closed and lay flat. “I’ve heard nothing but good things about these pants,” Murphy explained. “Need to see what all the commotion is about. Seems like something that is easy to dress up, or down, without sacrificing comfort.”

Best for the music-loving dad: Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Computer Speakers

A pair of red speakers

“An upgrade to your home sound system is never a bad idea,” added Murphy, whose first choice for a new speaker would be this wireless set Audioengine. The desktop monitor speakers are said to pack a huge punch with room-filling bass, surround sound, and a sleek design that looks great on any desktop. “High-quality speakers will make anything sound better, whether it be Baby Shark, or Metallica…” shared Murphy.

More Post Wanted Picks

Best for the dad who cooks: Tumbler Original Diamond Rolling Knife Sharpener Set

A box and container with a lid

It’s always smart to reward the new dad who loves to cook with new instruments to help him whip up even more decadent homemade meals. This Tumbler Knife Sharping Set includes the 20° and 15° sharpening angle and magnetic knife holder, making factory-sharp knives in munites. He can even flip the Tumbler over and hone the edge using the stainless steel disc. Don’t miss out on the multi-function kitchen tool.

Use code NYPOST to get an additional 6% off for a total of 30% off.

Best daddy and me gift: Etsy Matching Father and Baby Set

A couple of shirts with text on them

Say ‘cheers!’ to the new baby with this adorable matching First Father’s Day set from Etsy. Everyone around will be oohing and awing once they see the dad and his baby rocking these identical tees. You can even personalize the size, label, and year to make something that fits just right. Besides, reviewers say these shirts are just as comfy as they are cute.

Best for the working dad: Carhartt Lunch Cooler Bag

A brown Carhartt bag with black straps

We all know that Carhartt’s steals many father’s hearts (not as much as their new babies, of course). But, these lunch coolers are great for working dads who take their meals to-go. The roomy insulated main compartment is made with heavy-duty, water-proof fabric to keep his food cool and dry. It’s also large enough for a six-pack.

Best budget-friendly: Dad Established Hat

A grey hat with a brown patch on it

What dad doesn’t want a new dad cap just in time for game day? This lightweight option is available in a variety of styles — camo, gray, navy, black, and more — with an in-scripted ‘Est. 2024’ logo to commence the beginning of fatherhood. The mesh backing adds some ventilation to keep him refreshed all day long and adequately covers up his receding hairline (you know the stress of fatherhood is getting to him).

Best for the grilling dad: BBQ Grill Tools Set Gift for Dad

A set of barbecue tools in a case

His new job may be to be a dad, but if his first one was to work the grill — this stainless steel barbeque set is sure to bring him a smile. The four-piece kit comes with an engraved grilling spatula and tongs, as well as a digital meat thermometer, and a canvas carrying case to hold the utensils. Reviewers say the tools are sturdy and hold up year after year.

Best unique gift: Etsy Personalized 1st Father’s Day Golf Balls

Two golf balls marked with a hand print

Best he takes his stress out on the field — these darling customized golf balls are the perfect targets for all his swings. They’re also completely customizable: shoppers can add a name, select the imprint color, and choose the number of balls in each set.

Best for the hungry dad: California Reserve Ribeye

A black box containing two packages of meat

Being a new dad means there is far less time to spend at the grocery store, carefully examining different cuts of meat until finding the perfect one. That’s why we think this California Reserve Ribeye gift box from Goldbelly would make a splendid gift for the carnivores. These dry-aged ribeyes are marbled, boneless, and hand-cut, and sourced exclusively from small California producers. Even the picky dads will be impressed.

Most personal: Paint Your Life Portrait

A man holding a baby
Paint Your Portrait

Capture the joy of new life with and fatherhood with a stunning portrait hand-painted by a real artist. Paint Your Life allows customers to upload a desired image, choose a medium, and select a size before sending the directions to real artists who transform the picture into a masterpiece. You can even select from the framing guide to have your painting ready to hang and admire.

Best for the sleep-deprived dad: Custom Coffee Mug

A white mug decorated with pictures of people and letters

There’s nothing as important as starting your morning off on the right foot — even if it’s at the crack of dawn. If he’s currently fully powered on caffeine, then a new coffee mug will surely be appreciated. This customizable option from Amazon is made from high-quality ceramic and is safe in the dishwasher (new parents always appreciate things that are easy to clean).

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