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Jessica Alba’s mindful tool kit — crystals, charms and motivational books

Jessica Alba recommends Movado watches, Dezi sunglasses, Dyson hair products and more

Gen Zers and millennials are 'quiet quitting' their friendships — here's why

Best friends — but not necessarily forever.

Limited Too is making a comeback: Millennials 'need this right now'

Big news for every millennial's inner tween. Limited Too, the beloved store from the '90s and early 2000s, is making a comeback -- and former mallrats couldn't be happier. The...

Shop Toast’s new store in Brooklyn, Anthropologie in Soho, more NYC events

British brand Toast's new store, Anthropologie's new Soho store and Joana Vasconcelos' NoMad installation.

New Yorkers are fishing for mussels in a jewelry store to DIY their own custom pearl accessories

If you want pearl jewelry from this Soho shop, you're going to have to use some mussel.

Black Barbie paved the way for Hollywood's hottest celebrity dolls

Beyoncé, Zendaya, Shonda Rhimes and Rosa Parks. These A-listers and more are all dolled up, thanks to this pretty, plastic plaything. 

Designer Sergio Hudson brings strength and sophistication — Janelle Monáe, Rachel Brosnahan

Suits, strength and sophistication — that's what Sergio Hudson is all about. The designer, who grew up in South Carolina, reportedly fell in love with fashion at only four years...

'Rude' influencer hogs airplane bathroom to show off skin care for TikTok followers

She's sending other passengers' blood pressure soaring.

Ralph Lauren outfits Team USA for the 2024 Summer Olympics

Ralph Lauren’s got Games. For the ninth time in a row, the all-American designer is the official outfitter of the 2024 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams. The athletes will sport...

Short shorts are hottest new trend as Paul Mescal and Hollywood heartthrobs alike usher in 'thigh guy summer'

How short is too short? In the case of men's summer staples, the thigh's the limit.

Is having sex the scandalous secret to better skin? Experts reveal the answer

Here's why a roll in the hay could be the solution for you.

All the 'it girls' seem to be wearing the same color this summer

You *butter* run and get your hands on everything in this trendy color.

The latest trendy skin care treatment replacing the viral 'vampire facial'

The Kim Kardashian-endorsed platelet rich plasma procedure, or PRP, is being replaced at New York City aesthetics clinics in favor of a new kind of regenerative treatment: exosome therapy.

Gen Z's latest obsession is a designer vagina surgery inspired by porn, social media

While there can be health reasons for reducing the size of the labia, the “unrealistic body standards” modeled both within porn and on social media are to blame for a...

Ozempic users are now buying smaller, 'edgier' clothes post-weight loss, retailers say

People are both growing and slimming down their wardrobe — thanks to weight-loss drugs.

That's Hot: Paris Hilton performs new single at Alice + Olivia's Pride bash

Gay icon Paris Hilton sang loud and proud at the Alice + Olivia Pride 2024 party.  Clad in rainbow sequins and surrounded by gyrating male dancers, the effervescent businesswoman and...

Don’t sleep on this hot girl trend: Celebs are wearing pajama pants in the streets

Celebs and fashionistas are getting glammy in their ‘jammies. 

Shop Hokas at new flagship, bid on Stephen Sondheim merch, more NYC events

Each week, Alexa is rounding up the buzziest fashion drops, hotel openings, restaurant debuts and celeb-studded cultural happenings in NYC. It’s our curated guide to the very best things to...

NYC doormen reveal things you should never wear to the club

Doormen and bouncers are constantly trying to cultivate the right vibe inside the club, and to do so, they're going to judge you based on appearance.