Horrifying video shows NYC anti-Israel protester telling Jewish people: ‘I wish Hitler was still here, he would’ve wiped all you out’

Horrifying video captured a vile anti-Israel protester telling Jews honoring hundreds of Israelis killed on Oct. 7 that he wished “Hitler was still here” because the Nazi leader would have “wiped all you out.”

The unidentified man’s hateful vitriol was filmed as a huge mob descended on Monday’s memorial in Union Square honoring those slain at the Nova Music Festival, with other protesters lighting flares and waving a banner celebrating the slaughter.

A man was videotaped in Union Square telling a group of Jewish people he wished Hitler was “still here.” @luketress/X
Footage of the man’s hateful vitriol was shared on X. @luketress/X

A 17-second clip shared on social media starts with the man bizarrely asking people off-camera, “Why y’all out there killing people?”

“I wish Hitler was still here,” he then says firmly yet calmly, waving his arms at those he is addressing.

“I wish Hitler was still here — he woulda wiped all you out,” he said.

“He woulda wiped all you out,” he repeated for emphasis.

The hateful statements were made at an event honoring victims of the Nova massacre. @luketress/X

The alarming clip was uploaded to X by reporter Luke Tress, who said it was filmed in Union Square during Monday’s exhibit honoring Oct. 7 victims.

The event drew in counter-protesters who were part of the pro-Palestinian group Within Our Lifetime, some of whom carried a “Long live October 7th” banner, according to social media footage.

The Nova Exhibit later announced it would remain open longer — until June 22 — after it was supposed to shutter on Sunday.

The exhibit was unveiled in April to give New Yorkers an idea of the terror that Hamas inflicted on Israel on Oct. 7, including when the “Tribe of Nova” festival in southern Israel was attacked.

“The installation sets out to recreate an event dedicated to peace and love that was brutally cut short by Hamas’s attack on Israel from Gaza on that fateful day,” according to its website.

On top of the hundreds of concert-goers killed at the festival, a United Nations envoy found in March there are “reasonable grounds” to believe that Hamas terrorists committed rape and “sexualized torture” during the horrifying assault in southern Israel.

Six people were issued summonses during Monday night’s madness — three for disorderly conduct and three for jumping turnstiles, the NYPD said.

Protests against Israel have been ongoing since the Jewish state was attacked by Hamas terrorists last year, leading to the slaughter of 1,200 Israeli people and an ensuing military campaign in Gaza by the Israel Defense Forces.