NYC banker who slugged woman at Pride event lashed out after clash with anti-Israel group: source

An investment banker caught on video slugging a woman in the face during a Brooklyn Pride event lashed out during an argument about the war in Gaza, a source said.

Millionaire Jonathan Kaye had clashed with members of an anti-Israel LGBTQ group before he shockingly laid out the woman, a source close to Kaye with knowledge of the situation said Monday as his Park Slope neighbors described him as a rude, antisocial curmudgeon.

“They were marching, they had a flag, and Jonathan simply said something along the lines of, ‘you guys are on the wrong side,'” the source told The Post.

Jonathan Kaye’s cut leg after the incident. Obtained by the Post
Kaye’s shirt after the group threw red liquid on him. Obtained by the Post
Kaye was injured after falling to the ground. Obtained by the Post

“From there about four people from the group came up to him, they circled him and threw red liquid on him,” the source claimed. “He tried to back away, but he was either chest-bumped or fell to the ground, smashing his knee and slicing his leg.”

Kaye got into an argument with the woman over the war in Gaza. LinkedIn / Jonathan Kaye
Kaye’s stained clothes after the altercation. Obtained by the Post

The source claimed that he got up and used only the amount of force that was necessary “to get out of there,” noting that Kaye has no history of violence and no criminal record.

“He sort of did what his body told him to do in the moment to get out of there.”

But the disturbing video had left neighbors of his $4 million Park Slope pad feeling unsafe.

“I don’t want this guy across the street from me and my neighbors don’t want this guy across the street from them either,” Christina Doyle, 58, who lives nearby, told The Post.

A woman and a young man walking into Kaye’s $4 million Park Slope townhouse Monday declined to comment. The young man, presumed to be Kaye’s son, flipped off our photographer. G.N.Miller/NYPost.

“He doesn’t talk to his neighbors, never has. He doesn’t say hello, goodbye – neither does his wife. I walk up behind her and say hello and she won’t even turn around, that’s how isolated they are,” she said.

“He’s such a schmuck.”

As The Post arrived on the ritzy block hoping to speak to Kaye on Monday, a woman and a young man walking into the house declined to comment. The young man, presumed to be Kaye’s son, flipped off a photographer for the paper.

Leaflets identifying Kaye, as well as his job title, address and place of business, were plastered on utility poles in the neighborhood, complete with a professional headshot next to a screengrab from the video that was captured as he was walking away from the scene.

Text on the flyer reads “PUNCHED WOMAN AT PRIDE PARADE.”

Leaflets identifying Kaye, as well as his job title, address and place of business, were plastered on telephone poles on his block G.N.Miller/NYPost
Christina Doyle, 58, who lives across the street from Kaye, says she doesn’t want the banker living near her anymore. G.N.Miller/NYPost

In the disturbing video filmed during Brooklyn Pride in Park Slope Saturday night, the millionaire bully is seen delivering a brutal overhand right punch to a woman’s face, knocking her to the ground as onlookers watch in horror.

He then strolled away as the crowd peppered him with insults, calling him a “horrible person” and an “a–hole,” to which Kaye spat back “She f–king threw s–t all over me.” His light-colored jacket appeared streaked with a liquid after the attack.

The moments leading up to the vicious punch were not shown in the video posted on X, which has garnered more than 5 million views. Caption text displayed over the video said Kaye broke her nose and “busted up” another person’s arm.

Kaye’s neighbor Doyle said other people on their block are “scared” and have begun wondering why cops haven’t arrested him yet. @hellosami/X

Law enforcement sources told The Post that EMS workers attempted to render aid to the woman knocked to the ground, not knowing she had been punched, but their efforts were thwarted when the group of her friends grew hostile, swooped in and took her away. Cops have been unable to make contact with her since, according to the sources.

Doyle said she was horrified by what she saw in the video, excoriating Kaye over throwing the punch despite his obvious size advantage.

“He’s not a small man. My father was 6-foot-5 and this guy’s got to be 6-foot-2. To punch a woman like that, I wouldn’t expect that from anybody. It’s just disgusting to me,” she said.

“I’m looking at the kids and wife like, what is he doing to them? I’ve never in my life seen someone do something like that.”

Particularly unsettling to Doyle was the fact that he’s “not some crazy mentally ill person who’s not off their meds and going off the hinge,” she points out. “This is a man who works for a living, has children, lives in my community.”

Doyle said neighbors are “scared” and have begun wondering why cops haven’t arrested him yet.

“I don’t worry because I’m me, but there are a lot of young women walking up and down the street. My neighbor has two young girls. This is not safe. It offends me, and makes my community feel less safe.”

Kaye punching the woman at the Brooklyn event. @hellosami/X

Another neighbor, who asked not to be identified, recalled an incident where Kaye allegedly flew off the handle, this time directing his rage toward a young boy.

“It was Halloween and there were some pumpkins on the stoop. Some kid, a late-elementary school or middle-school kid, kicked a pumpkin,” the male neighbor claimed.

“Jonathan saw it, picked it up, ran after the kid and violently threw the pumpkin at this kid. This was 10 years ago, but I still have a strong memory of it. Like, what?”

Asked about the video, the neighbor said it looked like a “disproportionate response” to whatever provocation happened before the punch was thrown.

Moelis & Co., a New York-based investment bank where Kaye is a managing director, said Monday that one of its employees has been placed on leave after being involved in a “serious incident” in Brooklyn on Saturday.

Kaye declined to comment when reached by The Post Sunday, and the NYPD didn’t have any information about the incident.