CNN analyst tells Chris Wallace Biden ‘will pardon’ Hunter – no matter what he says now

CNN anchor Chris Wallace and commentator Jonah Goldberg both cast doubt on President Biden’s vow that he would not pardon his son Hunter if he is found guilty on federal gun charges.

Last week, ABC News anchor David Muir asked Biden about pardoning his 54-year-old son, who faces three counts accusing him of illegally possessing a firearm while addicted to crack cocaine after lying on a federal gun purchase form to obtain the weapon in the first place.

Muir asked whether he would accept the jury’s outcome if Hunter was found guilty and whether he has “ruled out a pardon” for him. The president answered a simple “Yes” to both.

President Biden promised he would not pardon his son Hunter if he was found guilty in his firearm trial. ABC News

On Saturday, Goldberg was on a panel with Lulu Garcia-Navarro, Reihan Salam and Kara Swisher for CNN’s “The Chris Wallace Show” to discuss Biden’s pledge.

Garcia-Navarro reiterated the president’s vow to not pardon his son, to which Wallace quickly replied: “Let’s wait and see what happens if he loses.”

“Yes. But he said it. He said he would —,” Garcia Novarro responded.

“What was he going to say? He has to say that,” Wallace said.

The exchange was a sort of prelude to a more full-throated skepticism on Biden’s remarks by Goldberg.

CNN anchor Chris Wallace expressed doubt that President Biden would not pardon his son Hunter if he was convicted. CNN

“So we don’t know if Hunter Biden is actually going to be found guilty. I think he will,” Goldberg said. “We don’t know even if he’s found guilty whether he will go get a real prison sentence in this or in a subsequent tax case. If he does get a real prison sentence, despite your endearing faith in Joe Biden’s word, Joe Biden will pardon his son to spare him a prison sentence after the election one way or the other.”

Wallace didn’t push Goldberg on why he thought the president would pardon his son, instead moving on to the other guests’ projections.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys wrapped up their case Monday with the first son opting not to testify in his trial.

Journalist Jonah Goldberg told Wallace on his CNN show that he predicts the president will indeed pardon his son Hunter. CNN

Lead defense attorney Abbe Lowell called just three witnesses — including Hunter’s eldest daughter, Naomi — before the defense rested its case Monday, according to NBC News.

The prosecution is set to call its rebuttal witnesses and then both sides will move to closing arguments.

If convicted, Hunter would face a maximum of up to 25 years behind bars, although possible first-time offenders such as himself don’t get that amount, and the judge could decide not to give him any jail time at all.

Hunter Biden opted not to testify Monday in his federal firearm trial. His attorneys closed their case on Monday. REUTERS

President Biden put out a written statement on the first day of the trial of his son, making a show of noting that “[a]s the president, I don’t and won’t comment on pending federal cases” while also hailing Hunter as “inspiring.”

“I have boundless love for my son, confidence in him, and respect for his strength,” the 81-year-old added. “Our family has been through a lot together, and Jill and I are going to continue to be there for Hunter and our family with our love and support.”